Message from the President

President Osamu YAMASHITA

Raising innovative persons from lwaki
who will be actively involved in the world!

The National Institute of Technology, Fukushima College (Fukushima KOSEN) was founded in April 1962 as one of the first institutes of technology in Japan.
In 1994 the business program was added in order to extend the scope of Kosen's educational curriculum.
In addition, Advanced Course was established in April 2004. The educational doctrine of Fukushima KOSEN is as follows.

◎Cultivating students with broad and deep humanity
◎Raising fundamental scientific knowledge, creativity and practical capacity
◎Developing the students' talents, expanding their global horizons, and raising their communication abilities

Based on this doctrine,we are making great strides to enhance the education and the research levels and range at Fukushima KOSEN. Globalization, Innovation and Contribution to the community are the key words that guide all activities at Fukushima KOSEN. We believe that these efforts can contribute to the development of lwaki ,Fukushima, and Japan.